Amidst all the pomp and circumstance and planning that comes with getting married remains one simple truth: your wedding day is just one part of your story.

Its a big day full of big moments but after the hangovers have worn off and the guests have all gone home, all that’s left are the memories – and the photos that help to preserve them.

With every wedding I shoot my goal is to capture this little slice of your history so that you can experience it over and over again decades to come.

The types of weddings I love.

I work with couples who place a high priority on having a laid-back, heartfelt day with their nearest family and friends.

They don't want to be put in boxes of what it means to be a "bride" or "groom" or be told what they have to do. They care more about everyone having a good time than who is going to sit where at the reception. They bring their dogs. They have bonfires and s'mores and craft beer.

They value photography and understand that at the end of the day when the flowers have wilted, the hangovers have faded, and the guests have all gone home - all that remains will be the memories. And the photos that tell the story.
Its about relationships.

My favorite thing about my job is the relationship I build with my clients. It starts when you fill out the contact form on my website and we meet for drinks or hop on the phone to talk about your plans. I want to be a part of your life - not just someone who shows up to document it.

I'll walk you through the entire process from booking to final album design. I want to get to know who you are and what makes you tick so that I can figure out how to show that in photos.

By the time we make it to your wedding day we'll be hugging and hanging out like old friends and when its over you may just be stuck with me for good!

On Your Wedding Day

I spend the majority of a wedding day primarily capturing moments as they happen. I LOVE the way that candid photos tell the story of your day and I don't want to interrupt some amazing moments to tell you to do something different.

You'll do your thing, I'll do mine, and we'll make some magic together!

When we do the portraits of the two of you I'll give you some direction to get you moving and interacting. I don't expect you to know how to model! Having said that, I'm not about stiff poses (at all)! Most of what I do is based around movement and authentic interactions and I'll help you get there. If you're remembering having awkward photos taken at prom I promise this is NOTHING like that!

While I absolutely take details hots, my focus (and usually that of my clients!) is always on people (and pets!) because I believe those are what truly matters. If its between getting a picture of a table setting or capturing grandma cutting a rug on the dance floor, Grandma will always win.

Heirloom Albums

I'm super passionate albums and include them in all of my packages.

In an increasingly digital world, there's something really special about being able to hold your photos in your hands. I'm not taking photos that will look amazing on your Instagram feed (although they will look amazing on your instagram feed!), I'm taking photos for you to be able to relive these memories, look back on, and share with your kids and grandkids.

My albums are designed by me, handcrafted (not by me!) printed on the highest quality archival paper, and bound in leather. They are solid, stunning pieces of art that you will cherish.

Most couples invest $4500-6500 for full day coverage.
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