U.S. Travel Weddings - 2018 Pricing Guide


I’m so excited that you’re considering having me photograph your intimate wedding or elopement! Getting to spend time with my couples on one of the biggest days of their lives and capture all those amazing moments is one hell of a privilege – and one that I don’t take lightly!

This guide contains a lot of information and should hopefully answer a lot of your questions but please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone at 303-956-0716 or email at

I am here to answer all of your questions!


I believe that your wedding day isn’t just about pretty pictures (although we’ll take a bunch of those, don’t worry!) and its definitely not about smiling stiffly for the camera. Its about spending time with the people (or just that one person!) you love and making this giant promise to each other in a way that feels real and meaningful to you. With every couple I work with I have to goals: to take all those killer photos and to make sure my people are having a hell of a good time along the way. I don’t want  you to remember the smiles, tears, and laughter from your day – not that you spent eight hours posing for the camera. I like to think that I’m in the experience business as much as the photography business – I want to make sure that you experience your wedding day in the best way possible.



My goal is to tell the story of your day through authentic images that will take you back to that moment in time in that place with those people. As cliche as it sounds, my job is to tell the story of your day. For the majority of the day I focus on candid moments and capture the day as it unfolds. Typically the most I will do during these times is maybe tell you to move over just a tiny bit before you put your dress on so that we can have some better light and I never interrupt the REAL moments to tell you to do something different. When we do the “formal” (in quotes because nothing I do is super formal!) portraits I typically give you some prompts or direction to get you interacting in a natural way and then capture whatever happens next. Its fun, not posey, and its how all those candid-looking images happen.

I try to edit in a way that is true to your day and what it looked like, avoiding trends (no orange skin or desaturated greens here!). Having said that, I tend to see the world in cozy, slightly moody tones and I think that comes out in my edits. I’m striving for photos that won’t look or feel dated in a few years – I want to make something that lasts.

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The great thing about planning an elopement or elopement-style intimate wedding is that you get to do everything YOUR way. Your day is a blank canvas that you can design however you want.

The bad thing? That can make things a little bit difficult. And surely you’re not eloping so that you can spend MORE time planning, right?

With extensive experience in non-traditional weddings in wild places I work closely with my couples to design a day that is unique to them and who they are. From picking the perfect location (I’m a little obsessed with location scouting) to figuring out logistics to buttoning you into your dress in some far flung location, I’m there to help you every step of the way!

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At the end of the day, I’m here for you – to tell your story, to help you plan, and to take all those amazing photos along the way. Its not just about the pictures – its about the experience you have every step of the way. Its taking away some of the planning pressure, taking those beautiful images, and giving you a way to remember all those moments for years to come. That’s what I’m here for!

Elopement + Intimate Wedding Collections
All packages include edited high-resolution digital images, an online gallery, full printing rights, detailed planning assistance, and ALL OF MY TRAVEL EXPENSES to anywhere in the continental United States. Packages with albums include a 10-spread 12"x12" album ($2000 value).

5 Hours

Short and sweet! Suitable for hikes up to 4 miles.

$4000 - Digital only
$5000 - Digital + Album

8 Hours

Cover your day in its entirety. Suitable for hikes up to 8 miles.

$5000 Digital Only
$6000 Digital + Album


For epic all day adventures.

$7000 Digital Only
$8000 Digital + Album


In an increasingly digital world I am a passionate believer in the power of print. My goal is to take photos that won't just live on Facebook or somewhere in the cloud - its to take photos that will be passed down for generations and become and important part of your and your family's history.

All that to say, I'm super into albums and I really want ALL of my couples to have one. If you are going to splurge on one thing for your wedding day, make it an album.

My albums are custom designed by me, printed on thick archival paper, bound in your choice of leather, and built to stand the test of time.

Pricing for 10 Spreads:
12"x12" ~ $2000
10"x10" ~ $1500
8"x8" ~ $1000