Read this first.

    (Its super important!)

    With every wedding, elopement, or adventure session I shoot my goal is to create images that will stand the test of time. I'm looking to capture moments that you will love now - and treasure 5, 15, or 50 years from now. I want your photos to take you right back to those moments - to the joy, the tears, the laughter.

    I want your kids or grandkids to flip through your album and get a feel for what that day was like - and who you were at this time in your lives. This isn't about trendy photos - its about creating something that lasts.

    We'll take those epic photos - but this will be about so much more than that. Whether its just the two of you eloping somewhere incredible or all of your friends and family celebrating at your wedding, I want your photos to be able to transport you right back to that moment with those people in that place.

    Trendy images come and go. Real moments last forever.

    My Approach

    Whether you’re having a large wedding or eloping somewhere epic, my approach is generally the same – and its based around experience and authenticity.

    For the majority of a wedding or elopement day I focus on candid moments. I watch as the day unfolds and capture all the unscripted stuff along the way. To me, this is where the good stuff is!


    When we do the photos of just the two of you I’ll give you some prompts to get you moving, interacting, and doing whatever you’d be doing if I weren’t there. I’m NOT about stiff poses – I want this to feel real and fun. If the laughs in my photos look authentic its because they are!

    More than anything else I want you to get to experience your elopement or wedding day. I don’t want it to feel like one long photoshoot!



    I believe that even the biggest weddings are about the smallest moments – its the way your new spouse cried as you walked down the aisle, how your friends laughed their way through the speeches, and the moment that your dog stole the cake off the table.

    Weddings are full of lots of planned, scripted moments – its the unscripted ones that I’m always watching for! That’s where the best stuff is.

    My approach to weddings is laid-back and fun. No stiff, awkward poses here! My goal is always to capture who you actually are as people (not the fancy “wedding day” versions of you!). I work hard to get to know you so that I can bring that out in the photos!

    I take loads of detail shots but at the end of the day my focus is on the people who are there – because I think that is what matters the most. If its between getting a shot of a place setting or capturing your grand parents cutting a rug on the dance floor, grandma and grandpa always win! We’ll take all the posed family shots that you want (those are super important!) but the majority of our time together will be spent rolling with the punches and capturing how the day unfolds.

    My wedding couples are all about laid-back days that are true to who they are – usually with a heaping dose of Mother Nature thrown in!

    Most popular package is $4,500 which includes 8 hours of continuous coverage and an album. 6 and 10 hour packages also available. 

    Wamt to learn more or see if your date is available?


    I’m not going to lie – I LOVE shooting elopements! I think there’s something really special about the couples who say “to hell with tradition!” and plan a day that is 100% them.

    With my elopement couples I place a very strong emphasis on making sure that your day is an experience – not just one long photoshoot. I love taking all those beautiful photos (and don’t worry, we’ll take a ton of them!) but I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of why we’re there – because you are marrying your best friend. THAT’S HUGE!

    The logistics of elopements are a little bit different than a traditional wedding and I’m always happy to help in any way I can. From finding vendors to obtaining permits to shoot in off the grid locations, I’ll help you every step of the way!


    I work closely with my elopement couples to develop a plan for the day that perfectly suits them – and then I make sure that the day is memorable, meaningful, and a hell of a lot of fun! We’ll pick an epic location, scout out an incredible place to say your vows, and have an awesome adventure.

    Whether you want to get married at an alpine lake that (we hiked to at sunrise …) or run off to Iceland, I’ll make sure that your day is everything you had hoped it would be – and take all those amazing photos along the way.

    Colorado elopements begin at $2,000. Contact me for destination elopement packages including Iceland elopement packages and other international destinations.