All the real moments. None of the fluff.

With every couple I work with my goal is to take authentic images that capture how your day truly felt – and make sure you’re having one hell of a good time while we’re doing it!

You probably don’t spend a whole lot of your staring awkwardly into each other’s eyes or with your head tilted at the perfect angle. You spend your time laughing, playing, and exploring the world around you. I want to capture you looking and feeling like YOU on one of the biggest days of your life.

The couples I really connect with.

Not every photographer is for every couple - and that's ok.

The couples I work with tend to be independent, a little non-traditional, and all about the outdoors. They tell me that they haven't spent their whole lives dreaming of their wedding day but that they DO have some pretty clear ideas for what they want (or don't want) for their big day.

They want their day to be low-key and laid-back. They want killer photos but they also don't want to spend the whole time posing for the camera. They love adventure, bonfires, and craft beer. Their dog will probably be in the wedding party. They aren't afraid to get their dresses a little dirty for an epic photo ... or just to watch a killer sunset.

They understand that their wedding day is just the start of one of life's greatest adventures ...

An emphasis on experiences.

The first time I attended a wedding with a big girl camera in hand I was assisting another photographer. I noticed how the couple spent their whole day posing for the camera and how exhausted they looked by the end of it. And I swore my couples would never feel that way.

I want you to be able to ENJOY your big day and to spend it in a way that is meaningful to you - whether that's hanging out with your family and friends or cuddling up, just the two of you, to take in an epic view.

The photos should tell the story of your day, not BE the story of your day.

Adventure Elopements

Whether you're planning a low-key elopement in Colorado or flying off to somewhere exotic for a grand adventure, I'd love to tell your story.

I think there's something pretty freaking special about the couples who can look at each other, throw tradition to the wind, and say "the only thing I need on my big day is YOU (... and maybe our dog)."

The elopements I shoot range from quick vow exchanges in epic places to all day (or even multi day) adventures to epic off the grid spots. I love nothing more than helping my elopement couples have a day that is unique, meaningful, and most of all fun!

Most of my elopement couples come to me with some idea of where they want to elope (Colorado! Iceland!) but not really knowing the details of how they want it all to go down. I work closely with them to come up with a location and experience that is perfeclty tailored to who they are and where they want to go ...

... and then I take all those killer photos along the way.


When you just can't have your big day without your family and friends!

I like to tell people that I photograph weddings for couples who really kind of wanted to elope.

Despite my love of elopements I understand that they're not an option for everyone. Weddings don't HAVE to be stiff and stuffy. I love helping couples have the laid-back wedding that fits THEM and who they are ... and taking all those photos along the way.

The weddings I shoot are typically low-key and intimate with a heaping dose of Mother Nature (and often a couple dogs) thrown in!

I see my job on a wedding day as being about so much more than taking pictures. Its about making sure that you're relaxed, happy, and able to enjoy the moments. Its about getting to know your family and friends and learning what makes you tick. And its about capturing all those relationships with the special people you chose to celebrate with.

My focus with weddings is far more on people and places than things. I'll photograph all the little details of your day but if its between photographing table settings and getting shots of your grandparents cutting a rug on the dance floor, grandma will always win!

The world is a big place. Let's go explore it!

Worldwide Weddings & Elopements

Few things get my creative juices flowing quite like exploring a new place with a fun couple in tow. To make your planning process as easy as possible, I I offer all inclusive destination wedding and elopement photography packages which include all of my travel expenses.

Just tell me where you want to go, pick your date, and I'll meet you there to document your incredible adventure!


• Do you offer albums?

YES. I am a very, very passionate believer in the power of print. It breaks my heart when I hear couples say that they never printed their photos. These are precious memories and they deserve SO MUCH MORE than being stuck on a hard drive somewhere.

I include custom designed, handcrafted albums most of my wedding and elopement collections because I want you and your family to have these photos for years to come.

• I know you love intimate weddings and elopements, do you shoot “regular” weddings too?

Absolutely! I love them both! I don’t care if you’re having 0 or 100 guests at your wedding – what I care about is that you and your partner are getting to celebrate your love in a way that feels right for you. Most of the weddings I shoot still maintain that outdoorsy, laid-back vibe that make elopements so wonderful.

• Will you travel for our wedding or elopement? Will we have to sell our firstborn to make it possible?

Getting to explore new places with awesome people is one of the best parts of this job and few things get my creativity flowing like shooting in a new location. Destination wedding and elopement packages including all of my travel expenses are more reasonable than you’d probably expect.

• How would you describe your style?

For the majority of a wedding or elopement day my focus is primarily on capturing candid moments. I want to tell the story of your day as it unfolds in a natural, authentic way. When we do the photos of the two of you together, I’ll give you some direction (I don’t expect you to know how to model!) but the focus is still all about capturing images that look and feel REAL.

• Will you help us find a location for our elopement?

Yes! Most of my elopement couples come to me not knowing exactly where they want to say their vows. Typically they have a general idea (like "Colorado" or "Iceland") but that's really all they know. As an avid explorer I have loads of ideas on places to elope both here in Colorado and abroad. I'll help you pick the perfect spot!

• Do we get the digital images?

Absolutely! Every wedding, elopement, and adventure session packages includes high-resolution digital images with full printing rights.

• Will you hike up a mountain with us for our elopement?

ABSOLUTELY! Adventure elopements are my jam!

• Do you work with same-sex couples?

Its 2018. I shouldn’t even have to answer this question.

• What are your rates?

Wedding packages begin at $3800. Elopements begin at $2000. Adventure portrait sessions begin at $1000. All-inclusive destination wedding and elopement packages including all of my travel are available (and more reasonable than you'd think - I'm good at traveling on the cheap!)

What my people say ...

Mandy & David

"Jen was by far our favorite part of our wedding day. She worked with us through the whole planning process and felt more like family by the time the day rolled around. She was super creative with her poses and was genuinely up for anything (including climbing up rocks with all of her equipment). She was the perfect choice for our intimate, laid-back wedding and the pictures she took were absolutely perfect."

Steph & Alex

I thought my elopement would be a cool day but it really blew me away how much I enjoyed it. A large part of that was having a great crew to hang out with and explore Southern Iceland with. The perfect pictures were the icing on the cake."

Maria & Justin

Not only are Jen's photos absolutely gorgeous, she is so much fun to work with! Our photos are so authentic and absolutely capture how much fun we had all day.

The shoot was so much fun and Jen was up for anything! We literally asked her to hike through a river and she not only did it, she was excited about it. Honestly the entire day just felt like a really fun adventure that we happened to be taking pictures during."


Want to learn more or see if I have your date available? Drop me a line!

I love getting to meet new couples and can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!