In an increasingly digital world I'm a firm believer in the power of print. There is something truly special that happens when we get our photos off of our computers and into our hands. Not only do we get a chance to relive those memories again and again - but we get to show them to our kids and our kids' kids. This isn't about just looking back on the past. Its about creating experiences for the future. Its about being able to pour a glass of wine and experience your day again on your first anniversary ... and sitting on your porch with your grandkids someday showing them that once upon a time you were crazy kids too.

This guide contains a lot of information on albums but if you have any questions or would like to set up a Skype call or in person consultation, let me know. I'm always happy to help!

Storyteller Albums

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About the Albums

My albums are handcrafted, printed on thick archival paper, bound in your choice of leather, and embossed with your names.

These are solid heirloom-quality pieces of art that are designed to be passed on for generations. 

Step 1: Choose your spreads

Using the links provided in the email, check out your album design!

I designed what I believe is a perfect album (and what I would want if they were my photos!). This is our starting point!

You can approve, delete, and request changes to spreads right there. 

**Love your album exactly as its designed? Receive a complimentary mini-album if you keep it as is!

Step 2: Choose your size




Sizes are in inches. First 10 spreads are included FREE.

8x8 - $1000
10x10 - $1250
12 x 12 - $1500

Additional spreads for all sizes are $100

Step 3: Choose your cover*

*Not a fan of leather? Contact me for vegan cloth options.

Step 4: add some gifts

Mini albums - $700 for 1 // $600 for 2 or more

Step 5: order your album!

Mini albums are 5x5 inch copies of the larger album. They are perfect gifts for parents.

**Because these are crafted from the leftover materials from the larger albums they must be ordered at the same time. 

Order your album by entering your selections in the form below.

I will send over an invoice and order your album as soon as payment is received. In 4-6 weeks you'll have a beautiful custom piece of art as a reminder of your day!

Note: Payment plans are available. If you'd like to set up a payment plan please make a note in the form below!


All rights reserved  |  Images by Jen Dziuvenis
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