Oh, hi!

      I’m Jen Dz. You can call me Jen or Dz or anything you really want. Just don’t call me Jenny. Because I’m not really a Jenny.

      I’m a Colorado-based destination wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in shooting adventurous people in epic places.

      I’m also a mountain biker, trail runner, cross country skier, standup paddle boarder, pack burro racer, and all around lover of playing outside. I’m a mom to one human, two crazy rescue dogs, and six chickens.

      I like my coffee dark, beer hoppy, and my trails long, winding, and rugged.

      How a girl who never really enjoyed weddings became a wedding photographer.

      You know those people who really love going to weddings? They love the pomp and circumstance surrounding other people’s weddings and have always dreamt of planning their own?

      I was never one of those people.

      I was way more interested in planning my next adventure (and an awesome life!) than worrying about what color my bridesmaids were going to wear. There were a few things I cared deeply about – I wanted good food and good beer, for our guests to have a great time, and for our dog to be our flower girl. Beyond that? I just couldn’t get too worked up about a lot of the details. I’d rather be out riding my bike.

      Does that sound familiar?

      My background in photography is in landscape and adventure photography and its still where I draw much of my inspiration today. It was when I realized that I could combine those interests – a love for people and places and adventure – and help couples who were a lot like me that I realized that wedding and elopement photography might actually be my calling.

      And then I tried it and fell in love.

      Few things make me happier than working with couples who feel a little out of place in the wedding industry – the ones who feel a lot like I did. My couples march to the beat of their own drum and aren’t afraid of doing things their way. Whether that means planning a laid-back mountain wedding complete with a bonfire or running away to Iceland to elope. They place a high priority on experiences and intimacy and amazing photos. They want a relaxed wedding or elopement day that feels like them. And they want killer images to document it all.