I’m Jen Dz. You can call me Jen or Dz or anything you really want. Just don’t call me Jenny. Because I’m not really a Jenny.

    I’m a Colorado-based destination wedding and elopement photographer who specializes in shooting adventurous people in epic places. If that sounds like a dream job please believe that it is!

    When I'm not behind the camera you can find me out mountain biking, trail running, cross country skiing, paddleboarding, camping or doing just about anything I can to get outside. I’m a mom to one human, two crazy rescue dogs, and six chickens.

    I like my coffee dark, beer hoppy, and my trails long, winding, and rugged.

    Meet my assistants Spotty and Cash!

    Cash is the one with the ears. Spotty is the one that looks like a big furry yeti.

    Their chief duties include making sure I get outside to play everyday, keeping my feet warm while I do desk stuff, snuggling with me at night, and cleaning up any crumbs that fall on the floor. They love hiking, mountain biking, camping, paddleboarding (Spotty only), cross-country skiing, and long naps in the sun.

    They're the best buds a girl could ask for!

    Want to learn more?

    Get in touch and let's make something beautiful together!