Hey, I'm Jen.
(and this is me in my happy place)

I’m an avid mountain biker and hiker, completely mediocre trail runner, and all around lover of playing outside. I’ve raced pack burros, ridden some of the best mountain bike trails in the west, and spent more nights in a tent than I could possibly count.

I share my crazy life with my husband, our son, our two rescue dogs, and a couple chickens.

I like my coffee dark, beer hoppy, and my trails long, winding, and rugged.

Photography isn't my passion.

People are.

This is the part of every photographer's website where they tell you that photography is their passion. I'm not going to do that.

To me, photography is about relationships. Its about the one we form with each other - and how that lets me document the one between the two of you. Its about deepening connections, having memorable experiences, and being able to share those moments for years to come.

The camera is the tool I use to do it. And nature and adventure are the catalysts that make all that good stuff happen.