adventurous wedding photographer
Hi. I'm Jen!

I'm a recovering lawyer turned wedding and elopement photographer who captures the big little moments for adventurous couples in Colorado and beyond.

When I'm not behind the camera you can find me exploring the mountains near my home or planning my next great adventure to somewhere wild. I'm an avid mountain biker, hiker, trail runner, standup paddle boarder, and all around lover of playing outside.

I share my life with my husband, our son, our two rescue dogs, and six chickens.

I like my coffee dark, beer hoppy, and my trails long, winding, and rugged.

How it all began ...

Some people spend their whole lives planning their wedding day. They know exactly what they want their dress to look like and have the colors of their napkins picked out long before they’re even engaged.

And then there are the people like me.

When I was planning my wedding I remember feeling a little bit out of place in the wedding industry. I wanted to talk about the things I loved – climbing mountains, riding bikes, camping, our crazy dogs – way more than I wanted to talk about who was going to sit where at the reception and I felt a little uncomfortable with suddenly being labeled a “bride” and all of the expectations that went with it.

I was SO stoked to be marrying my best friend but I was way more excited about planning an awesome life than I was about planning a wedding.

How someone who never really liked weddings ended up as a wedding photographer is a story better told over drinks but trust me when I say that I found my calling in life when I realized that I could help other people who felt like me have the wedding or elopement of THEIR dreams ... and take all those photos along the way.

Whether you’re planning an intimate mountain wedding, saying your vows at an alpine lake (that we hiked to for sunrise), or eloping next to a waterfall in Iceland, I’m here to help you through the process – and take killer photos along the way.

I’m not just your photographer. I’m also a friend, confidant, and the enabler for all of your crazy ideas.

I can’t wait to create something really freaking special with you!