Wedding and Adventure Elopement Photographer for the Wanderlusty and Wild

Hi. I’m Jen! I’m a Colorado-based wedding and adventure elopement photographer who works with outdoorsy, laid-back couples in incredible places.

From the mountains of Colorado to the black sand beaches of Iceland I craft real experiences and capture authentic images for couples who love nature and aren’t afraid to get a little bit dirty.

My work is inspired by epic landscapes, cozy nights around a campfire, and a lifelong love of the great outdoors.

Grab your beverage of choice (I’ll have an IPA) and take a look around. If you prefer windswept vistas to stuffy ballrooms and Chacos to Jimmy Choos you’re in the right place!


(and beyond …)


adventurous wedding photographer
This is me.

I'm a photographer, dog and boy mom, and all around lover of playing outside.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding I remember feeling a little out of place in the wedding world. I was stoked to be getting married but not so into planning.

I wanted to talk about the mountains we were climbing, the trails we were riding, and all of our big plans for the future - not the color of our napkins or who would sit where at the wedding.

I got into photography to document our adventures (and take pictures of our dogs). It was when I realized that I could help couples who were a lot like me that this crazy dream was born.

I'm a product of the outdoor world, not the wedding world, and I love working with couples to make their crazy, non-traditional wedding dreams come true!

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