Travel + Bucket List

I have a serious case of wanderlust and few things make me happier than getting to explore the world and take photos along the way. This is what I have coming up in 2017! The list will be updated as more dates get filled in. Interested in booking a shoot while I’m in any of these places? Hit me up!

2017 Travel:

March – Kansas // All over Colorado

April – All over Colorado // anywhere

May – Moab, UT // Fruita, CO // anywhere

June – Aspen, CO // SEATTLE // anywhere

July  –  All over Colorado // anywhere

August – IRELAND// UK // All over Colorado // anywhere

September – ICELAND // Buena Vista, CO // anywhere

October – all over Colorado // anywhere

November – December – anywhere

2018 Travel:

June – Alaska


Bucket List

I have a growing list of places where I am dying to shoot. These are the spots that keep me up at night with visions of towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and secluded beaches dancing around in my head.

If you’re eloping or getting married in one of these locations and connect with my work, let’s chat! Discounts may be available. 

Iceland (happening! late September, 2017)

Faroe Islands

Lofoten Islands / Norway


Alaska (happening! June, 2018)


Swiss or Austrian Alps

Azores / Portugal



New Zealand