My Story

Alternate Title: How a woman who never really liked weddings became a wedding photographer.

You know those people who spend their entire childhoods dreaming of their wedding day? The ones who could tell you what their wedding dress would look like while they were still in grade school and knew the colors their bridesmaids would wear before they even got engaged?

I was never one of those people.

When we were planning our wedding in 2009 I remember feeling just a little bit out of place in the wedding industry. Sure, I was excited to marry my best friend but rather than talking about the details of our wedding I wanted to talk about the details of our life.

I didn’t want to tell you about signature cocktails or the color of our napkins. I wanted to tell you about the big adventures we had planned – the mountains we were going to climb, the trails we were going to ride, and all the places we were going to go. I also wanted to tell you about how our beloved dog was going to be our flower girl because THAT was the kind of stuff that was super important to me.

Yanno, I wanted to talk about the fun stuff.

I picked up my first DSLR sometime around 2010. I wanted to take better photos of our adventures and capture infinite images of our dogs being adorable. I spent the next several years taking pictures of amazing places and people doing awesome things in them – mountain biking, surfing, climbing mountains. Mostly it was just for fun.

As I got better at photography people started asking me to take pictures of their families. A few crazy ones even asked me to photograph their weddings. For a long time my answer was a very stern NO. Photograph a wedding? I didn’t even really love GOING to weddings and I certainly felt like I had no place in an industry based around pomp and circumstance and loads of tulle.

Then one day an especially persuasive friend talked me into shooting her sister’s wedding. I took a chance, said something to the effect of “sure, what the hell!”, and found the thing I was born to do.

I realized that I could combine the two things I loved to photograph the most (adventurous people and amazing places) and use that passion to tell those stories in a way that felt authentic to those people. I realized that wedding photography didn’t have to be stiff and posed and that capturing authentic moments would bring me more joy than I ever thought possible.

I realized that there were a whole lot of people out there just like me who felt a little left out of the wedding industry and that I could serve them and serve them well.

I was an unlikely person to become a wedding photographer – but I’m so glad that I did.